Dave Moniot

President & CEO

Mr. Moniot is the company’s founder, President and CEO. Prior to starting TriState LNG, he was the founder, President & CEO, and acted on the board of directors for three additional firms. An always busy man, Mr. Moniot still finds time to lead his companies development with innovative and viable business strategies.

Mr. Moniot has over 25 years of engineering experience, working in a wide variety of industries. His technical expertise and business skill are fundamental to the on going success of TriState LNG, LLC.


Bill Slatosky Jr.

Director of Business Development

Mr. Slatosky is responsible for gas marketing, and Key Account Management for TriState LNG. Bill has extensive market development, sales, and client relationship management experience with both fortune 1000 and fortune 500 firms. With a passion for the energy market, Mr. Slatosky is excited to bring innovation and sustainability to the Marcellus and Utica Shale region.

To Learn more about TriState LNG, and how we can support your fuel needs, please contact Mr. Slatosky at (412)-841-8127 or BSSlatosky@TriStateLNG.com.


Plum Energy


TriState LNG is partnered with Plum Energy to bring the Marcellus and Utica Shale region’s first LNG facility. Plum Energy is a world leader in Micro LNG Plants and Natural Gas Logistics. Since 2003, Plum Energy has supplied services all along the Liquid Natural Gas Supply Chain, including liquefaction, Storage, Regasification, LNG Transportation, LNG Delivery, and equipment selection. These services are in support of a variety of industries including mining, oil & natural gas, maritime, and agriculture. Plum specializes in aiding stranded operations across remote locations.